Skinners primary 143

Our Sponsor

The Skinners' Academy Trust is sponsored by The Skinners’ Company, one of the ‘Great Twelve’ livery companies of London.
The Company is a major not-for-profit organisation with a well-established reputation for philanthropy dating back some 700 years. Education is a core charitable purpose and the Company has a long track record of establishing, running and supporting excellent schools. Besides the academies in our Trust, the Company is also responsible for Tonbridge School and The Judd School in Tonbridge, and The New Beacon preparatory school in Sevenoaks. All our schools aim to give their young people the opportunity to make the most of their talents and fulfil their potential.

In our Trust, and in all the Company's other schools, members of The Skinners' Company make up a significant proportion of each governing body and the Company provides financial support to help all our schools provide the best possible education.